Those with strength must rise before it crashes down, sever the head for the heart to be found ”

We create music that is entirely original, a blend of styles from the metal genre to create our unique sound.

Carried by VI has played in multiple states with a eclectic mix of bands. Our stage presence sends out waves of energy, live performances that should not be missed.


2022: (myampmusic) By RALPH BEAUCHAMP

On October 21st, The Beeracks in East Haven hosted a strong lineup of propulsive music. Nevermøuяи and Carried by VI were two the the artists performing.

On this evening, two of Connecticut’s finer doom/death metal bands made their appearance. First up was Carried by VI. The group has a highly aggressive sound combining hardcore, doom and metal. This is reinforced with a driving groove laden mix. Carried by VI is comprised of Jim Brindisi (Vocals), Chris Ciaffaglione (Guitars), Don Watterworth (Bass) and Ryan Andrews (Drums).

The band opened with an amazing instrumental that showcased their ambitious musicianship. When lead vocalist Brindisi entered, all hell let loose. As a front person, he is stupendous. He captured the attention of the entire venue with his emotive meanderings. His gnarly vocals added to Carried by VI‘s enticing        music. Ciaffaglione’s guitar effectively attacked the air while Watterworth’s bass thundered. Andrews on drums was huge. His percussions were crushing. The group played a nine song set with “Beyond Redemption, “Vacant” and “Through The Door” being standouts.


2022: (Metal Zenith)

Talk about a solid band! They come out with the guitarist, bass player, and drummer and do a little jam session before the singer comes along and melts your face with his killer, harsh vocals. Jim stalked the stage and the pit barefoot and was ready to kick your ass. Don plays a heavy bass, plucking hard on the strings, making sure he gets tons of vibration to accent Chris’s shredding, almost melodic guitar work. Ryan went full-on badass on the skins. They brought a heaviness to the night, not shying away from the deeper metal tones.Fractured Reality, Carried By VI, Nevermourn, Arcadia Forsaken – Beeracks, East Haven, CT October 21, 2022 – Metal Zenith (

It is pretty apparent they take their craft seriously. The songs were well-thought-out, the songwriting complex and melodic while retaining the weight of the heavier end of the metal spectrum. They only had a four-song EP on the merch table, but I bought a copy just to hear what they’re like recorded. I was not disappointed! Carried By VI is a killer band, well-styled, and they appear ready to take a few more steps. I hope they can get a full-length record done and use that to better promote themselves and get some larger gigs. I’d love to see them hit a regional stride and get the recognition they need beyond just the Connecticut circuit.


(2022 MATT COE  DEADRHETORIC) ~A hardcore angle comes from the forceful immediacy and in your face nature of vocalist Jim Brindisi upon the first verse of “Disabled” – while the crunchy riffs plus steady, slamming rhythm section supportive measures provide plenty of fervor and intensity as a mid-tempo anthem. Closer “Through the Door” is the longest track at almost seven minutes – the doom surge that opens the proceedings has a mix of 70’s Sabbath meets Crowbar textures, bassist Don Watterworth lifting the arrangement with his thick bottom end work, while the back half contains some killer traditional / power transitions and speedy, sophisticated lead break action from guitarist Chris Ciaffaglione. “Vacant” contains some lower, clean narrative vocal parts as well as some industrial/groove overtones against the metal proceedings, drummer Ryan Andrews juggling a natural tempo template with some interesting fills and double kick accents. Competent playing and natural abilities are present overall ~


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